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Maths and ancient cultures

I have found ‘Validus in Peru’, a good blog about a travel to explore the connections between mathematics and the Pre-Columbian civilizations of Peru. http://validusinperu.wordpress.com/ It sounds like my mathourism website: http://mathourism.weebly.com/ 😀 Advertisements

Your country from the rest with your point of view

Many sources of statistical information can classify different countries and establish rankings. But the most important ranking is given for what you value more: labor, environment, health, etc. We now have a tool to view it: Your Better Life Index, de la OCDE.



The perfect drink…

If you have guests for dinner, you can prepare the perfect drink, with some instructions from visual analytics: http://datavisualization.ch/showcases/inspirational-infographic-of-the-perfect-drink/

Journalism in the age of data

Journalism in the age of data: You can see: http://blogs.elpais.com/periodismo-con-futuro/2011/03/los-origenes-de-la-visualizacion-ayudan-a-entender-el-futuro-del-periodismo.html

the new visual era

Dead horse theory

Buy a stronger whip. Change riders. Say things like, “This is the way we have always ridden this horse.” Appoint a committee to study the horse. Arrange to visit other sites to see how they ride dead horses. Increase the standards to ride dead horses. Appoint a tiger team to revive the dead horse. Create … Continue reading

Tweets of the Spanish revolution

The following video is a visual representation of the tweets exchanged between users involved in the 15M movement. You can see more information at BIFI, from Universidad de Zaragoza.

World simulation

This simulation predicts the macro-level development and change of the entire world. There are five main sectors in it: a food system, a population system, a pollution system, a nonrenewable resource system, and an industrial system. See at this URL: http://live.simgua.com/World

Hacker ethic

Hacker: “A person who delights in having an intimate understanding of the internal workings of a system, computers and computer networks in particular.” I think is the solution for our changing times. See it at wikipedia.


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