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Juan-Francisco Martínez-CerdáHi! How are you? My name is JuanFran, and I’m a PhD Candidate Researcher at eLearn Center – Open University of Catalunya (UOC) in Barcelona (Spain). My main research interests are linked to e-learning, employability skills, networks and complexity, co-innovative sources and socio-technical systems.

I was working as a postgraduate researcher at Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) for more than four years, where I was working in several projects related with education, media, ICT, communication and social changes. Before, I worked as a head of studies on Information Society, senior business analyst, ICT area coordinator, analyst/programmer and administrative assistant.

I play the clarinet, too. I learned to play the clarinet with the band of Asociación de Amigos de la Música de Yecla when I was a child and teenager. I grew up loving my home cooked food from Yecla, a town in south-eastern Spain. I like movies -films with good scripts- and sountracks.

Here, you can see some interesting tools to do data analysis and some ideas worked by me, and others works done by other people. And several inspirational ideas.

I think I will not be able to update this website (I’m sorry). Previously, I launched two websites: matenomia [applications of mathematics in every life] and mathourism [mathematical tourism – a mathematical journey around the world to find places related to maths]. You can see a lot of ideas in these websites.

I believe in the technology added to the humanology: technologies without common sense are a source of troubles.
Internet is only the beginning… as the mathematics.
The Goal is ‘To create’: it is the only eternal goal. The rest is ephemeral and will happen fashionable.



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