ICTsophy review

ICTsophy review (ISSN 2014-377X)
ICTsophy review is a collection of news, ideas and thoughts about the information and knowledge society, information and communication technologies, mathematics, software, methodologies and models for research, data analysis, social changes, music, and so on.

ICTsophy review is nothing but the quarterly re-edition (from July-Septembre 2011) of the relevant blog articles from ICTsophy website in the shape of a review: an author, an editor, numbered issues, a subscription option, a contact for feedback and a valid ISSN.

Editorial information
The review is quarterly and you can access on-time updates (before quarter ends and last number issues) by subscribing here:

Juan Francisco Martínez Cerdá

You can contact with me: ictsophy (at) gmail.com

#1, July-September 2011
#2, October-December 2011
#3, January-March 2012



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