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My law about information management: Who knows, attracts

My ‘Law of gravitation’ about information management: ‘Who knows, attracts’ . It was selected for ‘Más allá de Google’, a book published by Infonomia. [html] [pdf] Advertisements

The goal is to create…

An education system was designed for industrial world, and non-oriented to personal development. A schism between science and art, between intellect and emotions, which almost marginalizes the arts. Surprise. Do creative things you never did before. Do not be your own inquisition. Satisfaction is in the way of the search. The goal is to create. … Continue reading

Turn off your TV

Turn off your TV. Turn on your brain.

It is not about left versus right…

It is not about “left versus right”, but the underdogs against the top.

Is the glass half empty or half full?

The question is not: – “Is the glass half empty or half full?” The question is: – “The thirst you have” – “If there is a tap nearby, if it’s necessary”

The Goal is ‘To create’: it is the only eternal goal.

The Goal is ‘To create’: it is the only eternal goal. The rest is ephemeral and will happen fashionable.

Internet is only the beginning…

Internet is only the beginning… as the mathematics.

I believe in the technology added to the humanology…

I believe in the technology added to the humanology: technologies without common sense are a source of troubles.


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