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Three charts to explore car types

I have a table with data about cars and fuel type. And I do a graph with OpenOffice Calc: And this one: And, hacking CIRCOS, I have made this graph: What do you prefer? Do you want to see body-style and fuel-type? 😀 Advertisements

Visual text with txt2graph

I can see a text as a graph with txt2graph.

Your country from the rest with your point of view

Many sources of statistical information can classify different countries and establish rankings. But the most important ranking is given for what you value more: labor, environment, health, etc. We now have a tool to view it: Your Better Life Index, de la OCDE.



World simulation

This simulation predicts the macro-level development and change of the entire world. There are five main sectors in it: a food system, a population system, a pollution system, a nonrenewable resource system, and an industrial system. See at this URL: http://live.simgua.com/World


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