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Three charts to explore car types

I have a table with data about cars and fuel type. And I do a graph with OpenOffice Calc: And this one: And, hacking CIRCOS, I have made this graph: What do you prefer? Do you want to see body-style and fuel-type? 😀 Advertisements

Twitter and the revolution in Egypt

And here we see another example with which to analyze facts and events differently:   I’m already using the software that allows this type of analysis: SoNIA – Social Network Image Animator



The perfect drink…

If you have guests for dinner, you can prepare the perfect drink, with some instructions from visual analytics: http://datavisualization.ch/showcases/inspirational-infographic-of-the-perfect-drink/

Journalism in the age of data

Journalism in the age of data: You can see: http://blogs.elpais.com/periodismo-con-futuro/2011/03/los-origenes-de-la-visualizacion-ayudan-a-entender-el-futuro-del-periodismo.html

the new visual era


You can see some projectes related to Media numeracy here… Visualizar’11: Selected Projects and Papers. One video from Visualizar’11: Understanding infraestructures:


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